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Dr. Tracy Levine Donates Her Time & Skills to Women Across the Globe

March 8, 2018

Dr. Tracy Levine, one of our exceptional doctors with Starling OB/GYN, has left for a 10-day surgical mission to the Philippines. She will be performing GYN surgery, and this is her 3rd year volunteering for this often life-saving mission.

The Aloha Medical Mission, a secular, nonprofit volunteer organization, provides free health care to underserved people in the Pacific, Asia, and Hawai’i. Physicians not only volunteer their time, but also pay all their own expenses and flight costs.

The first missions occurred in the early 1970’s, when Dr. Ernesto Espaldson, a plastic surgeon from the Philippines then living in Guam, returned to his hometown of Taw Tawi to fix the cleft lips of children. Others joined him to assist and expand in his efforts. Medical specialties (including OB, family practice, ER, internal medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, and pediatrics) are included in the trips depending on location and local needs.

We wish Dr. Levine a safe and rewarding trip.