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Dr. Dina Amato, Pediatrics

August 26, 2020

This October, we are pleased to have Dr. Dina Amato join our Pediatrics Team in New Britain. Dr. Amato is a  dynamic pediatrician who brings an accomplished combination of education and experience to Starling. She grew up in New Jersey and went to Rutgers University for undergraduate and medical school. She moved to Rhode Island for her pediatric residency at the Warren Alpert/ Brown Medical School and stayed there for 25 years.

She has over ten years of experience in pediatric medicine and patient care. She has a proven record of providing pediatric care services to treat a wide range of routine and complex conditions. She is skilled in pediatric care, treatment planning, health/ wellness exams, patient/ parent education, intakes and assessments, acute/ chronic conditions, clinical communications, and more.

Dr. Amato enjoys working with pediatric patients of all ages, but she particularly enjoys working with newborns and adolescents – opposite ends of the spectrum.

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