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Meet Dr. Christopher Betz

We are thrilled to welcome an outstanding orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist to our team. Dr. Betz specializes in the treatment and surgery for many orthopedic conditions and injuries affecting the hips, knees, and shoulder. This includes:

• Rotator cuff tears
• Labral tears of the shoulder or hip
• Arthritis of the hip, knee, or shoulder
• Hip conditions, including snapping hip syndrome and FAI
• Knee injuries, including ACL and meniscal tears


Dr. Betz is our new orthopaedic sports surgeon at Starling Physicians. His current focus is minimally invasive surgical techniques to expedite recovery and return to activity. He currently treats the shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow through nonoperative means and, if needed, surgical intervention. His practice is focused on joint preservation and ligament restoration, employing minimally invasive techniques and using both arthroscopic and open procedures.

He utilizes the newest techniques, including arthroscopic surgery, which results in faster recovery, less pain, and can often be done on an outpatient basis. And, he is one of the only orthopedic surgeons using some of the most innovative diagnostic tools to quickly identify the source or your pain. He is fellowship-trained in Sports Medicine, which affords him specialized expertise in treating athletes

In the interview below, he shares information about himself and some of the newest innovations that he offers.

My Background

My training began at Lake Erie College of Medicine where I earned my medical degree. I completed an orthopaedic residency at Northshore LIJ in Long Island. I then finalized my training at the University of Massachusetts, completing a sports medicine fellowship. There I focused on treatment of athletes, minimally invasive surgical techniques through a scope and camera system, and minimally invasive open procedures. I also completed training in shoulder replacement.

Reducing Pain & Restoring Function

My goal is an expedient return to activities, getting you off the sidelines and restoring your quality of life. I do this by making use of the newest proven techniques and technologies available so that you leave my care better than when you started. I see everyone from young adolescents involved in sporting activities, to weekend warriors, to those who have acute and chronic injuries or may have worn their joints out along the way.

How I Approach Patient Care

When you come to my office, I’m focused on you; I want to improve your quality of life. While diagnoses may be similar for many conditions, I understand that each individual is unique. I provide a tailored approach, focusing on the individual’s needs and goals. I understand that the activities you participate in aren’t just something you do but that they are a part of you. I’m here to get you back to those activities, to improve your quality of life, and ensure that I provide you with a worthwhile experience.

Offering the Newest Diagnostic Techniques

I am pleased to be one of the only orthopaedic practices in the area to offer in-office diagnostic arthroscopy.

 Watch video to learn more

Offering the Latest Advancement in Rotator Cuff Repair

I am pleased to offer one of the newer technologies to repair rotator cuff injuries called the Regeneten patch. The patch is a biomedical implant placed internally over the rotator cuff tendon to aid in healing and regeneration of the patient’s own rotator cuff tissue. The rotator cuff currently lacks the ability to heal itself based on multiple factors. This patch is able to add additional tissue to the rotator cuff tendon itself to relieve stress, while enhancing the growth of blood vessels into the area to allow for healing.

This is one of the few treatments on the market for partial tears of the rotator cuff tendon. Compared to traditional rotator cuff surgery, the implant maintains the patient’s own rotator cuff anatomy and allows for an accelerated healing time with a decreased failure rate. The procedure itself is performed through a minimally invasive arthroscopic approach. The implant completely dissolves, leaving nothing inside the shoulder.

Compared to traditional rotator cuff surgery, a patient can expect:

This implant may also be used to enhance healing of a traditional rotator cuff repair for a decreased failure rate.

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I Look Forward to Meeting You

To learn more about my background, conditions I treat, and to find some useful videos, click here.

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who faces joint pain as a result of aging or overuse, I welcome you for a consultation. I am now seeing patients in Glastonbury at 289 Western Blvd.  Call (860) 832-4666..

Watch the video below to meet Dr. Betz as he shares his background, areas of expertise, and approach to patient care.


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If you are in pain, now is the time to get on the path to recovery!  Dr. Betz sees patients in Glastonbury at 289 Western Blvd. Call (860) 832-4666 and schedule a visit today.